New Report Says China Biggest Threat To US, But Will ALIENS Save Us? Time To Get Silly

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  1. Aarin81 says:

    How dare you tim talking down about Alex jones…that dude has been right way more then wrong ..stop being a little bitch

  2. Dzikun says:

    There is no need for war between China and USA. Both sides are getting what they want. Same with Russia …

  3. Savant_PCs says:

    Isn’t there some kind of Tachyon pulse of something along those lines sent out during every nuclear explosion? Something to consider if they seem to have started being seen in the 1940s after testing and such?

  4. TriTheForce says:

    I say your silliness doesn’t go too far enough!

  5. Christopher says:

    Dude so my brother-in-law had been abducted multiple times and every time they put something in his foot(maybe to monitor him) and he kept going to the doctor to get it removed and they said that the substance was not from this world.

  6. bloopnanny says:

    The tic tacks look like a mouse cursor 🖱️🔺 …something that is controlling the simulation is just moving the cursor updating stuff/fucking with stuff, like it’s using a computer. move your cursor around on your computer with your mouse. the way the tic tack moves looks eerily similar LUL later guys

    • Sparkz says:

      The FBI went after Flynn because he was a national security risk (in fbi’s pov) because he had a very high security clearance and wanted to tell the world what we’re really doing in iraq. Thats why when President-elect Trump visited the Whitehouse, Obama told him there are 2 things he needs to worry about. North Korea & Mike Flynn. Trump ended up hiring mike flynn anyways , and inorder to get him out asap, the FBI framed him in order to slap a gag order on Flynn. That is why even after the DOJ dropped all charges on Mike Flynn , his judge still refused to close the case and dismiss it prolonging the gag order as long as possible. When the appeals went to the 9th circuit court. The court ordered the judge to immediately close and dismiss the case. The judge STILL REFUSED and held the case going in order to keep Flynn silent until finally Trump Pardoned him.

  7. Yobuyahouse says:


  8. NorthCounty says:

    Yep! That was worth the price of admission! Great show

  9. NickP says:

    Look up the scan pyramids project they are using muon detectors to scan the inside of the pyramids and finding voids that have yet to be opened up.

  10. Marzalez says:

    What if the aliens are literally just playing civilization with earth lol

  11. thedeugs says:

    bob lazar’s story never really changed. he’s maintained almost all of his story for 30 years. the government did a metric fuck ton of shady shit to try to discredit to include disappearing his college and work history. it got discovered they did that because of a directory book for the los alamos labs employees.

    • Magster73 says:

      Bob Lazar recently did a documentary. He was talking about element 115. And the very next day, the Government raided his business. Funny thing is that he hasn’t talked to people at all about 115 or ufo’s for years and years. And the Government has left him alone. Now, since he did that documentary, they are raiding his home and business.

  12. Cmohaire says:

    Hey crew love the show. May seem weird to some people to bring this up but look up Timothy Alberino and his work that they are doing you may find the awnsers your looking for concerning the ufo stuff. I believe that is the technology of the fallen angels mentioned in the book of genesis of the Bible. The beings that people are interacting with are demons in the dmt space

  13. Jacobperry says:

    First time I think nobody was cursing. Lol love it all guys keep it up. Luke seems happy on his trip to the store.

  14. Sanesociopath says:

    Daily request for an audio only player.

  15. John_Beart says:

    I AM a MAMMOTH GORILLA chicken hybrid. CCP CRISPR project. I need TP for my bunghole!

  16. Nyarlethotep says:

    Website is getting better each update! Keep with it!

  17. DarthWho says:

    Also Tim… Probes to stop people from being believed…. Are you kidding me? Clearly it was early research into Covid anal swabs

  18. DarthWho says:

    The Flynn thing annoys the fuck out of me. Well Flynn lied to the FBI… Did he though? In a conversation where he didn’t know he was under investigation (which was continued using a corrupted FISA warrant) he sad something that can easily be construed as passive dismissal to someone, that was about the job he was preparing to take over and this is justification for that insane circus they put him through????

    And I am sorry but anyone that says well he was doing X that he shouldn’t have been doing clearly isn’t thinking. If he was doing crap he shouldn’t have been doing then why in the fuck did they not charge him with it? Four years of conspiracy theory fueled investigations and millions of dollars in an extremely partisan court circuit and all they bought was what one count of a dude lying to congress and another dude lying to the FBI about unsubstantial shit? But I am supposed to believe it was really about secret back door deals and whatever else you want to claim? Bruh… Give me a break

    All the while the “lawyer” that literally doctored the evidence to get the FISA warrant renewed was given no time in jail and honestly might still be keeping his law license….

  19. channasilva2000 says:

    Please fix the new website, had to zoom out to get a proper view

  20. Triple.R.738 says:

    first time using the new site in about a week, web page need a bit of work, but luckily I can manipulate ANY browser out there to my specific wants/needs. Love the bonus episodes ……. keep it up guys/gals in ova’ there ….. SPIN THE GORILLA !! AND SEND MORE COMBOS !!

  21. Lastandtheleast says:

    Hey man when I posted my comment, it refreshed the page and I lost my spot in the video.

  22. Lastandtheleast says:

    No Luke I puke!

  23. Element says:

    The recent news about muons is that an experiment showed that muons are more magnetic than we would expect based on the standard model.

  24. Bmwtech says:

    Its time traveling humans or AI to stop humanity from destroying ourselves.

  25. RexTheSauceLord says:

    loving the new site keep up the great work im loving these bonus segments

  26. Bruce says:

    War is coming

  27. TTVmikimoto says:

    I don’t care about the webpage, I was able to login and watch this so we’re good! Love what you guys do, keep up the good work 😀

  28. D99ted says:

    Biden no he won’t be around. Now Kamala

  29. Margie says:

    I really appreciate your discussion on China and look forward to ADVChina coming on the program. People willfully ignoring the threat are gross.

  30. says:

    Will work on safari web browser but will not work on DuckDuckGo web browser

  31. FadeAway41 says:

    Love the topics and convo, this needed to be at least double the time. Great non the less.

  32. Hotwings_master says:

    I actually heard that same story of a doctor finding a moving metal object in an arm or leg in like 1998 on KFI with George Noori and Art Bell

  33. joea says:

    I feel bad for saying this to the new developer, but I really don’t care for the new Website. There’s not enough whitespace on the homepage and the members only content should have its own tab without scrolling

  34. allgoodguy says:

    To answer the question of federation and confederation. The US is both, and neither. The primary difference is that confederation is an alliance between entities is done solely upon their own choice to join the confederation. The federation of the US is no longer based upon choice, but upon the codification of top down rule so to speak. In other words, it deals with the power between the two, where they have their own sovereignty, and where they share powers. In one sense, the US is a confederacy of 50 sovereign entities whom choose to become states of, and cede certain powers to, the federal government. We’re basically looking at states’ rights and personal rights and the differences between democracy and republics where the republic generally limits government powers to preserve inalienable rights, and democracy is purely mob rules and rights are subject to the majority. By choosing to become part of the federation, we understand these rights will be protected by the federation, as well as the state.

  35. Daneinator says:

    Has anyone ever heard of “the one electron” theory?

    • mslushin says:

      A single electron that lives to the end of the universe, then travels back to the beginning of the universe as an aged version of itself. This repeats indefinitely, with the universe becoming a single electron larger each time. It’s neat, but ultimately pointless.

  36. Hunter says:

    Great topics tonight Tim. Still don’t know why this guy defended the NYT… but good stuff regardless. Keep it up

  37. James_Dorpinghaus says:

    So glad I joined, really enjoying the extra content. Can’t wait to see chicken city. And watching Alex Jones storm Luke’s R.V. was fun. I have an idea for a post-apocalyptic science fiction that I’ve been working to develop for years. Learning alot of history and science so that it’ll make sense.

  38. Baalshazar says:

    Noooo it’s a shortboi. I love China talk and people who know about it.

  39. DermyWermy says:

    I recently watched Independents day, and now I am thinking that we need a masive invasion like that. It would make our petty squabbles look pretty, and hopefully bring us together.

    • WolffsTeeth says:

      “Independence Day”, my dude. Not “Independents Day.” The second one sounds funny though. The day the independents finally take the white house! Or, a young boy is tired of his parents so straps up and gets emancipated in “Independents Day!” In a theater near you soon!

      Buy GME and AMC this not financial advice.

  40. Rileyw2001 says:

    Since there’s only 6 comments love your work Tim keep it up and hi everybody

  41. Green_-Bean7 says:

    If you where a Sim in the Sim-verse, and you could see the players mouse, would it maybe be similar to us seeing a flying triangle or thumb tac? un bound by the laws of the universe?

    • Enosh_Of_Alastrom says:

      I don’t you dare….

    • Enosh_Of_Alastrom says:

      If aliens were to get involved, I feel as though it would only be because they don’t want an entire planet of people wiped out based on the selfish whims of a few–assuming they keep track of our government and their dealings. This is of course assuming they have some form of morality as we conceive it.

  42. benben says:

    never forget.

    hunter smoked cheese.

  43. Mr.Knub says:

    Wow. Those first two comments made me laugh really hard

  44. says:

    China bad